Who was Lilias Trotter?
by Lynette Woods

Isabella Lilias Trotter was a lover of beauty and of God; this was revealed through her life as an artist, author, and missionary. Born in 1853 to wealthy parents in London, her talent for drawing and painting eventually came to the notice of famed art critic John Ruskin, who was impressed by her talent. However, instead of pursuing a career in art, she felt called to go to Algeria as a missionary. Having been turned down by a mission society, she went independently to the country along with two other single women. Lilias lived in Algeria until her death there in 1928. More information on her life can be read here on Wikipedia and elsewhere on the internet, also in several books written about her life.

I was introduced to her book "The Parables of the Cross" in late 2002 through Angus Gunn - a friend and colleague of T. Austin-Sparks. The book's message is simple and yet profound. I wanted to read more so went searching for other books by Lilias Trotter and managed to get several of her original books, including "The Parables of the Cross" complete with beautiful pictures painted by the author. Since the books were well past their copyright, and finding only text versions on the internet, I scanned and published the messages with their corresponding pictures here on Unveiling.

Lilias Trotter was gifted in not only painting beautiful illustrations, but also illustrating deep spiritual truths through her words. Many of her writings are parables and stories that include unique insights from nature and life around her. As you see and appreciate these pictures here, may your eyes also see and appreciate what she saw spiritually!

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